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Dog Cake Tutorial Dachshunds Aren’t Ruff

Dog Cake Tutorial Dachshunds Aren’t Ruff This dog cake tutorial was inspired after helping  a friend learn how to make a basic sculpted cake.  She wanted to make a dachshund and I hadn’t made one yet and thought it would be a great challenge.  As a home baker with intermediate sculpting skills at the time, I was shooting for the easiest way to make this dog for my friend that she could replicate herself.  Having only 4 hours to make this cake, we started with a basic 9″x 13″x 7″ filled and chilled cake. Next, I made a pattern of the approximate height of the dogs shoulders.  I divided the cake in half from front to back so I could carve one half of the cake at a time to get my first basic shape.  I had in the past,

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Darth Vader Cake with Sugar Light Sabers Tutorial

  Welcome to simple carved cakes for the home baker. My hopes with this blog is to inspire you to take the risk of making carved cakes.   First, I started with a blown up picture of the cake I wanted to make from the side, back, and the front of the image.  I cut them as patterns, cover both sides with clear shipping tape, so they can stick to the buttercream and not get ruined,  and held them up to the cake from each side and traced the outline to cut the cake.  I work with one side at a time and take a little cake off at a time.   Can you fix a cake that has too much cake removed? Absolutely! It won’t be as structurally sound, but it can be done.  I simply take the excess

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Lights, Action, Chocolate! Cakes that Scream!

                  https://youtu.be/J8Uf9O9kdME Halloween is always a blast.  I love finding paintings or sculptures and replicating them into cake and chocolates.  If I can add lighting, sound, or movement, you can bet it will be added to the design.  After all, who wouldn’t love a gelatin beating heart as featured in my “pirate buried alive” on youtube? And let’s not forget that “…candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker!” (Willie Wonka)  I love adding clear sugar to cakes also.

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